I’m Tara Sails a solo female traveler with a major case of wanderlust.  The greatest reward of travel is experiencing everything for the first time where nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted. Traveling forces you to trust strangers, lose sight of familiar comforts of family and friends, where the only things you recognize and bring you comfort are the air, your sleep, dreams, the sea and the sky.  Here is my journey – a blog on travel, lifestyle and all things that will leave you inspired.

This photo was taken recently by The New York Times for an feature about my single life in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  The editor wrote, “Tara hanging out with her friends on the outside deck of her Williamsburg apartment in Brooklyn. Tara’s friends describe her as a social butterfly who is good at making connections and bringing people together. ‘I just love meeting people and enjoying life with friends’, said Tara”

CREDIT: Demetrius Freeman for The New York Times